Watch: 10-year old boy has tumour removed with piano playing in background

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A 10-year old boy from Ancona, Italy, is slowly recovering in a pediatric ward after a four-hour long surgery at the local Salesi hospital, during which he was accompanied by piano music.

The operation was required to remove a double tumour from the spinal cord of the child, carried out by surgeon Roberto Trignani, supported by a multi-disciplinary team of 15 people.

As the surgeon carried out the operaton, in the same hall, Emiliano Toso, a molecular biologist and musician, was playing the piano. This brought a “magical feeling of complete harmony” during the intervention, explained Trignani. “Everything went well, and the child even managed a little smile despite being under general anesthesia”.

The surgeon added that it felt like the child was perceiving the music as when the music stopped for a little while, his heart beat changed.

Within three days, the child will be able to walk again – the tumour has been completely removed.

However, the surgeon cautioned, one will have to wait a few weeks to see whether the tumour was effectively eliminated.


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