17 Ukrainian diplomatic missions have received suspicious packages after letter bomb

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The Ukrainian foreign minister Dymtro Kuleba has said that 17 Ukrainian embassies or diplomatic missions around the world have received letter bombs or packages containing animal parts, including cows eyes, in recent days.

In an interview with CNN, he said: “It started with an explosion at the embassy of Ukraine in Spain,” Kuleba said. “But what followed this explosion was more weird, and I would even say sick.”

An letter bomb at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid had left a staff member with minor injuries on Wednesday. Others have been sent to the Spanish prime minister, deputy prime minister and the US embassy.

Ukraine’s foreign affairs spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko said that embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy and Austria are among those to receive the packages.

When asked who he thought was behind the letters, Kuleba told CNN said, “I feel tempted to say, to name Russia straight away, because first of all you have to answer the question, who benefits?

“Maybe this terror response is the Russian answer to the diplomatic horror that we created for Russia on the international arena, and this is how they try to fight back while they are losing the real diplomatic battles one after another.”

Russia has denied any responsibility for the packages in Madrid. On Wednesday, its Spanish embassy said: “Any terrorist threat or act, even more so directed against a diplomatic mission, is totally reprehensible.”

Photo: The Ukrainian foreign minister Dymtro Kuleba

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