95 voluntary organisations call on the Maltese Government to withdraw legal notices and start serious consultation

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The 95 organisations in Malta called on Government to retract the Legal Notices that regulate Public Fundraising activities and the legislations on Charity Shops with immediate effect and embark on serious consultations with all the voluntary organsiations and the Council for the same sector to find the best way forward in this regard. 

In a joint statement, they said that they believe that voluntary organisations should always be transparent and accountable in their operations. The Law (Act No. XXXVI of 2018) that regulates these organisations has helped to ensure this.

Legal Notices 371 and 390 (2020) on regulating Public Fundrasing Activities and Charity Shops which were published recently, although their declared introduction was meant to strengthen transperancy and accountability, in practice they are going to create undue bureaucracy for which the organisations are not prepared. These regulations that are being introduced without any consultation whatsoever with the voluntary organisations themselves (whereas article 39 1, 1a of the legislation promotes consultation) are going further than their declared scope and in certain aspects are introducing unnecessary duplication of work that is going to result in a huge loss in financial income that these organisations so badly need to continue to operate especially in this pandemic time (post-COVID). 

The 95 Maltese voluntary organisations  said that those who have been involved in the voluntary sector know that most of which is being requested of voluntary organisations through these Legal Notices is not practical at all, does not reflect the realities within which these organisations operate and will put a huge strain on the human resources, most of which are voluntary, as well as a financial impact on the organisations themselves, leading to a major demoralisation of the administrators of these organisations to the detriment of their beneficiaries.

They added that they believe that the existing regulations for ensuring transparency and accountability are tools that should achieve the declared aims. “If we truly believe in this sector, it would be a lot wiser to embark on serious consultations with all voluntary organisations for the best way forward to be found in this regard for the good of the voluntary sector, the organisations, employees, volunteers and beneficiaries.”

The organisations are:

  1. Action for Breast Cancer Foundation VO/0058
  2. ADHD Malta VO/41
  3. Aditus Foundation VO/0512
  4. Allied Rainbow Communities VO/1136
  5. African Media Association VO/0997
  6. Alleanza Kontra l-Faqar VO/0816
  7. Anti Poverty Forum VO/0271
  8. Association of Friends of Thouret VO/1365
  9. Association of Podiatrists Malta VO/0588
  10. Association of Speech Language Pathologists VO/0301
  11. Assoċjazzjoni Radju Marija Malta VO/1584
  12. Azzjoni Kattolika Maltija VO/1743
  13. BoscoCrew VO/0716      
  14. Chorus Urbanus VO/1542
  15. Coeliac Association – Malta VO/030
  16. Dar Hosea VO/1365
  17. Dar tal-Providenża VO/1066
  18. Din l-Art Helwa VO/008
  19. Don Bosco Foundation VO/1725
  20. Equal Partners Foundation VO/044
  21. Europa Donna Malta VO/0118
  22. Families for Christ Community VO/1383
  23. Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar VO/0101
  24. Fondazzjoni Arka VO/0032
  25. Fondazzjoni Assistenza Soċjali VO/1571
  26. Fondazzjoni Caritas Malta VO/1576
  27. Fondazzjoni Kana VO/1269
  28. Fondazzjoni Nazareth VO/0336
  29. Fondazzjoni Opri Soċjali VO/1415
  30. Fondazzjoni Sebħ VO/1622
  31. Fondazzjoni U (Xandir Soċio Reliġjuż) VO/0276
  32. Foundation of the Malta Emigrants’ Commission VO/1565
  33. Friends of Villa Frere VO/0847
  34. Għajnsielem Redcoats VO/1312
  35. Ghana Mission Foundation VO/0486
  36. Gozo NGO’s Association VO/0145
  37. Gozo SPCA VO/0069
  38. Grupp tal-Armar 6 ta’ Diċembru VO/1721
  39. Home Away from Home  VO/0774
  40. Integra VO/0570
  41. Jesuit Refugee Service Malta VO/0064
  42. Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali – Malta (Kopin) VO/0200
  43. Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Anzjani EN 0017
  44. Kunsill Studenti Universitarji KSU VO/0531
  45. LifeNetwork Foundation VO/1070
  46. Malta Association of Crohn’s & Colitis VO/379
  47. Malta Association of Occupational Therapists VO/403
  48. Malta Beekeepers’ Association VO/1527
  49. Malta Federation of Professional Associations VO/0168
  50. Malta Gay Rights Movement VO/0039
  51. Malta Girl Guides VO/0222
  52. Malta Health Network VO/0076
  53. Malta Trust Foundation VO/1761
  54. Maltese Association of Social Workers VO/0189
  55. Maltese Association of Youth Workers VO/0459
  56. Maltese National Federation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco VO/1250     
  57. Mental Health Association (Malta) VO/0317
  58. Millenium Chapel VO/0022
  59. Missio Malta VO/1178
  60. Moviment Graffiti VO/0126
  61. Moviment Kerygma VO/1383
  62. Moviment Missjunarju Ġesù fil-Proxxmu VO/0140
  63. National Association Pensioners VO/0255
  64. OASI Foundation  VO/0072
  65. Oratorju Salesjan Dingli VO/1618              
  66. Osanna Pia Home – Salesians VO/080     
  67. Paulo Freire Institute Foundation VO/0009
  68. Peace and Good Foundation VO/1301
  69. Prisms VO/0357
  70. Puttinu Cares Foundation VO/0087
  71. Reaching Cultures VO/0870
  72. Repubblika VO/1670
  73. Richmond Foundation VO/0017
  74. Salesian Brigade VO/623
  75. Salesian Oratory Sliema VO/079    
  76. Salesian Pastoral Youth Service VO/078 
  77. Savio Athletics Club VO/1077
  78. Savio Salesian Youth VO/1956    
  79. Society of Radiographers Malta VO/0648
  80. Society of St Vincent De Paule VO/1370
  81. Soċjetà Mużikali San Ġużepp Ħamrun VO/0761
  82. SOS Malta VO/0063
  83. St Jeanne Antide Foundation VO/0005
  84. St. Patrick’s Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco Association VO/1870 
  85. Swieqi United FC – VO/ 1665
  86. Ta Cangura Folk Group San Lawrenz VO/0820
  87. The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation VO/1633
  88. The English-Speaking Union of Malta VO/0358
  89. The Genetic and Genetic Counselling Association, Malta VO/1831
  90. The Good Shepherd Sisters – Dar Merhba Bik Foundation VO/0007
  91. The Past Pupils & Friends of Don Bosco, Salesian Oratory, Sliema VO/1720            
  92. Women’s Rights Foundation VO/0880
  93. YMCA Valletta VO/0028
  94. Youth Alive Foundation VO/0777
  95. Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Maltija (ZAK) VO/1051