85,369 persons live below risk-of-poverty-line, NSO report shows

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An Income and Living Conditions survey by the NSO has shown that the number of persons living in households
below the at-risk-of-poverty line (€9,744) stands 85,369 persons. This translates into an at-risk-of-poverty
(ARP) rate of 16.9 per cent, a minor drop (0.2%) lower than that recorded for the previous year. 5.1% of these persons faced severe material and social deprivation rate (

The average gross household income for 2019 as derived from the survey stood at €38,209, while the average disposable household income is estimated at €31,266. Almost 80 per cent of the total gross household income for 2020 was attributed to employment income. The share of social benefits (including old-age benefits) for 2020 stood at 16.6%.

The at-risk-of-poverty rates (ARP) for households with and without dependent children were calculated at 17.5% and 16.4%
respectively. Members of single parent households were noted to be more susceptible to being at-risk of-poverty, with 49.7 per cent of such individual persons having an equivalised disposable income below the at-risk-of poverty threshold (ARPT). Members of households with three or more dependent children are also more prone to be at risk-of-poverty.

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