Auf Wiedersehen Angela ! – Outgoing German Chancellor Merkel is honoured in Berlin

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At a ceremony held by torchlight, the Bundeswehr, Germany’s federal armed forces, said goodbye to Chancellor Angela Merkel. The military tattoo has become the unofficial farewell ceremony for defense ministers, presidents and chancellors.

In an earnest, short speech on Thursday night, Merkel thanked Germans and called on them to approach life with a “lightness of heart” and be optimistic about their country’s future.

“Sixteen years as chancellor of Germany were full of events, often very challenging — politically and as a human being,” she said.

Multiple crises have shown the importance of international cooperation while tackling the challenges that face the world, she said.

The chancellor added that the “last two years of the pandemic in particular” had shown, “how importance trust in political leaders, science, and public discourse really is.”


Photo erman Chancellor Angela Merkel (C) attends the military grand tattoo in her honor at the defense ministry in Berlin, Germany, 02 December 2021. Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel receives on 02 December 2021, on the occasion of her farewell, a Grand Tattoo of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN

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