British woman found guilty fabricating rape by Israelis in Cyprus get suspended sentence

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A British woman found guilty of fabricating a claim that she was raped by a gang of Israeli youths in Cyprus has received a four-month prison sentence – suspended for three years.

Judge Michalis Papathanasiou said he took into account the woman’s young age, clean criminal record and remorse. “All mitigating factors were taken into account but it does not negate the seriousness of the offence,” he said, noting that 12 individuals were briefly detained on the basis of her accusation.

The 19-year-old, from Derbyshire, insists she was the victim of a horrific attack, and was previously told she faced up to a year in prison. “She’s coming home,” her mother shouted to supporters outside court, adding that she was “very relieved at the sentence”.

After hugging her family and her legal team, the teenager left court in tears with her head in her hands.

Via Reuters / Sky News

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