Electronic fiscal receipt becomes obligatory in Italy

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The electronic fiscal receipt is now obligatory for everyone. The system started in July 2019 for those who in 2018 had a turnover greater than 400,000 euros, but from 1st January 2020 this has now been extended to all commercial operators that issue tax receipts, merchants, craftsmen, hotels or restaurants, have to start issuing a fiscal receipt.

From July, however, thanks to the new electronic cash registers that are connected to the internet, one will also start participating in a lottery of the receipts,

With the introduction of electronic receipts, the Italian Inland Revenue said  it will no longer be necessary to keep the register of sales. The electronic storage and telematic transmission of data directly to the Agency replace the recording obligations of the operations carried out on each day. Furthermore, it will no longer be necessary to keep copies of the commercial documents issued to customers (as was the case, for example, with copies of tax receipts), with consequent reduction of costs and operating advantages. The new system will allow the Agency to acquire promptly and correctly the fiscal data of the operations.


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