UPDATED: EP President Metsola: “Ukraine will win” Appeals for stop of Russian oil and gas

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The president of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola speaking at the European conference The State of the Union ” stated her confidence that Ukraine will be victorious

She also added that the European Union must free itself from its  dependencies on the Kremlin. “We will put an end to oil imports and we must complete our zero gas policy from Russia,” she added. 

Meanwhile in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Metsola appealed for the creation of an energy union. “We must make the best of this crisis, and work to set up, at last, a Union for energy, something we have been talking about for years: to connect those countries that until now have been lagging behind in energy infrastructures, to find trustworthy countries to provide our energy supplies and last, but not least, as premier Draghi suggested, we must sign contracts for collective purchases and establish common reserves” Metsola told the Corriere.

Metsola also referred to the possibility that European treaties have to adapt to the realities of today: “Today we have no alternative, we must acknowledge that we haven’t been able to foresee a war in Europe, and that we desperately need shared policies on defense, energy and health. On Monday we shall submit the outcomes of our Conference. The Parliament has given me a strong mandate to set up a Convention to pursue these objectives. If you ask me whether there will be a major change in the Treaties, I will answer that we are ready and this will not be a step backwards compared to what we have today.”

Roberta Metsola is in Italy on a two-day visit.

The President of the European Parliament on Friday also addressed the opening speech of The State of the Union 2022 at the European University Institute in Florence.

In her speech ‘Is Europe fit for the next generation?’, she encouraged European citizens and leaders to believe, to be confident and to use this difficult moment in time as an opportunity for change.

The full speech can be found here

Photo – Photo: Roberta METSOLA, EP President, delivers her speech in Florence at European University Institute – A Europe Fit for the Next Generation. DAINA LE LARDIC/EP

Read more via Corriere della Sera/RAI News

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