Grim times for children in Germany, more than 100 children were killed in 2018

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German Police have issued latest crime statistics which gave a grim picture of the state of child welfare in in the country

The statistics showed that more than 100 children were killed in 2018, and thousands were sexually abused.

According to the report, 136 children were violently killed in 2018 — with 80% of victims under the age of 6. Another 98 children were also the victims of attempted killings.

The number of children sexually abused last year rose 6.43% from 2017, to a staggering 14,600 cases — an average of 40 each day.   

With regards to cases of sexual abuse,  the police said the actual number of cases is likely much higher, but as perpetrators tend to be family members, friends, or neighbors, it is often very difficult for the children to report such crimes.

Holger Muench, president of Germany’s Federal Crime Office (BKA), said that although police were able to solve almost 80% of the child sexual abuse cases they were dealing with.

Presentation of politically motivated crimes statistics in Germany
The President of Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA), Holger Muench, Photo: EPA-EFE/FELIPE TRUEBA

Police also uncovered 7,449 cases of the production and distribution of child pornography in 2018, a 14% increase over 2017.

Muenchcalled for a 10-week data storage period to assist authorities in their hunt for criminals. He said in 4,000 of the 20,000 concrete leads the BKA received, IP addresses were the only tool at its disposal.

Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, the federal commissioner for sexual abuse issues, said sympathy without action doesn’t help victims of abuse.

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