Heirs of last king of Italy want jewels back

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The heirs of the last king of Italy said they are suing the Italian state to get the crown jewels back.

King Umberto II’s heirs, Prince Vittorio Emanuele and Princesses Maria Gabriella, Maria Pia and Maria Beatrice, are to sue the premier’s office, the economy ministry and the Bank of Italy to get back the jewels, which have been stored in a Bank of Italy vault since Italy voted to become a Republic in June 1946.

The case has been entrusted to lawyer Sergio Orlandi, who told ANSA: “unlike the other goods, these were never confiscated and have remained pending. Therefore, they must be returned”.

The suit follows an attempt at mediation which failed on Tuesday.

Photo – Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, the son of Italy’s last king, standing in front of a portrait of Victor Emanuel II, the first king of united Italy in 1861 at Palazzo Reale in Turin, Italy. EPA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO


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