Israel says vaccine has almost halved COVID cases among over-60s

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Vaccination of Israelis over the age of 60 has reduced the rate of that age group getting COVID-19 by almost half and the number of serious cases in that cohort by more than a quarter in the last two weeks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday (February 4).

Israel began its vaccination program on Dec.19 and has so far reached 35% of the 9 million population, the government says. It has set March as a target date for reaching 50% of the population in hope of outpacing high-contagion virus variants, but worries about ebbing turnout.

Netanyahu touted the success of the programme in televised remarks to his cabinet, which convened to discuss a proposed extension of a more than five-week-old national lockdown.

Netanyahu has said that 95% of COVID-19 deaths in Israel – the total tally was 4,975 as of Thursday – have been among the over-60s.

According to the Health Ministry, 84% of the over 60s have now received the vaccine, made by Pfizer Inc. It did not immediately provide a more detailed breakdown of how many of these people had received both vaccine doses and when.

via Reuters

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