Italy abolishes film censorship

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The Italian Government has moved to abolish film censorship after more than 70 years, during which more than 700 flms were banned while over 34,000 were requested to carry out modifications prior to being released on the market.

The process will be replaced with a self-regulating system putting responsibility on the industry itself, with a newly-created Commission responsible to ensure congruity in the industry’s decisions. Culture Minister Dario Franceschini signed the long-awaited provision, “that system of controls and interventions that still allowed the State to intervene on the freedom of artists”, as he underlined.

In addition, Government said that new classifications will be introduced, proportionate to the needs of child protection and the protection of minors, with particular regard to the sensitivity and development of the personality of each age group and respect for human dignity.

Therefore the films can be classified according to the target audience: productions for everyone; productions not suitable for children under the age of 6; productions forbidden to children under the age of 14 (but at 12 years of age and with a parent can see them) and productions forbidden to children under the age of 18 (but at 16 years of age and with a parent can see them).

Over the years, renowned producers such as Fellini or Pasolini had their productions censored in part or in full.

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