Italy registers record amount of infections, 221 victims

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Italy on Tuesday saw a fresh record in the number of daily COVID infections registering 21,994, the health ministry said.

Some 174,398 swabs were taken.

The daily death toll was 221.

New government restrictions have prompted a backlash with widespread protests, some of them violent.

Walter Ricciardi, a top Italian physician and advisor to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, on Tuesday called for Naples and Milan to be put into lockdown.

The two cities have been hit especially hard by the recent upswing in COVID-19 cases in Italy.

A view on a deserted street in the center of Genoa during the restrictions on the mobility of people to face the second wave of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, in Genoa, Italy, 27 October 2020. EPA-EFE/SIMONE ARVEDA

Meanwhile, Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci has signed an order coming into force on Tuesday that bans people from going out for a stroll in the city between 21:00 and 6:00 in order to combat the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s not a curfew,” said Bucci. “The aim is to remove the possibility of clusters of people forming.So it will be possible to visit a relative, a friend or to go home or to work. But it will not be possible to circulate for no reason”.

He added that the ban will not apply to people travelling in cars or on motorbikes and said it will be possible to go running.

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