Italy starts new phase in coronavirus lockdown aftermath

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Italy entered phase two of the coronavirus emergency on Monday, with the start of the gradual relaxation of the lockdown measures that have been in force for 55 days.
Some four million people who had been at home during the lockdown are estimated to be returning to their workplaces.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte appealed to the public to act responsibly and respect social distancing and other rules, saying “the future of Italy is in our hands”. The relaxation of the restrictions sees production activities resume and parks reopening so people can go for a stroll on May 4.

Italy’s Phase Two Q&A on what’s opening

Employers must make sure workplaces are sanitised and staff are able to keep a safe distance from each other.
People are also being allowed out to visit relatives and other loved ones, but they will have to wear facemasks and big family gatherings are not permitted.

Athletes will be able to resume training on an individual level but team-sport training has not been given the OK yet.

Shops will not be able to reopen until May 18.

During the lockdown only shops selling food and other essential goods have been allowed to stay open.

Bars, restaurants, barbers and beauty parlours will have to wait until June 1 to open, although food outlets are now able to provide takeaway services.

Conte has said Italy’s schools will not reopen before September.

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