UPDATED: Johnson insists not going throw away all the sacrifice of the British people

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday morning addressed the British population in a statement outside 10 Downing Street on his first day to work after recovering from a covid-19 infection.

Johnson said that the country is making progress and there are real signs it is “passing through the peak.

He added the UK has stopped the NHS being overwhelmed and the tide is beginning to turn.

He said if the virus is a mugger – and he can say from personal experience it is – this is the moment when we are beginning to wrestle it to the floor.

Coronavirus in Britain
Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a statement outside Downing Street in London, Britain, 27 April 2020. Boris Johnson has returned to work for the first time after being treated for coronavirus at St. Thomas’ Hospital. He was moved to the Intensive Care Unit after his condition worsened. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL

He apologised for being away from his desk for longer than he would have wanted and thanked Dominic Raab for taking over from him and for the people of this country for helping.

Mr Johnson said it is still true this is the biggest challenge since the First World War and he is not minimizing the problems we are facing.

But he says the UK is making progress with fewer hospital admissions and few ere in ICU.

Johnson said the government should only ease up on the lockdown when it is confident there will be no second peak.

He added he wants “maximum transparency” about how the decisions to relax restrictions are taken.

He says he wants to involve the opposition parties as much as possible and that the measures are in place to win “phase two”, just as the UK is winning phase one.

He ended saying that if the UK can show the same sense of optimism shown by Capt Tom Moore, it  will come through this.

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