‘Knight Rider’ David Hasselhoff stopped by Italian police while speeding during charity race, for a photo with their ‘hero’

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If he had been at the wheel of his Kitt, the talking machine that made him famous in the 80s with the cult TV series Supercar, they would never have caught him.

When two Italian police tried to stop him,  Hasselhoff would have probably said: “Oh God, now who explains it to him that I’m participating in a charity race”.

Instead, the surprise: as soon as he was recognized by the patrol car, he threw his arms around his neck exclaiming “You’re our hero!”

The actor was on board a sports car, but the speed did not result in a fine because he was busy at that time in the 2019 edition of the Gumball 3000: a non-competitive rally 3 thousand miles long, on public roads and divided into 5 stages , of which one in Italy, from Venice to Montecarlo.

In an instagram post, Hasselhoff, said that they pulled me over but wanted a photo with their what they said was “Their HERO !! Life is good!!

via Instagram / Corriere

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