Malta Evening News Roundup

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Good evening,

These are the main headlines reviewed by our editorial and research team for today.

The sports pavillion at Corradino has filled up with Labour Party supporters eagerly waiting to hear the first address of their newly elected leader Robert Abela. Source: Times of Malta

Robert Abela’s election holds a higher significance, as the world awaits to see what will happen in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigation, and what the future holds for outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Source: Malta Today

The lawyers representing Yorgen Fenech are mulling the idea of filing another request for a presidential pardon for the 17 Black owner, this time under a new Prime Minister, sources close to the case have told The Malta Independent on Sunday. Source: The Malta Independent

Robert Abela won Saturday’s election for the post of Prime Minister and Labour Party new leader with 57.9% of the votes. Source: TVM

Partit Nazzjonalista Team Start (youths aged between 14 to 18) have penned an open letter to the newly elected Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela reminding him that he will be take his oath of office to become Prime Minister of each and every citizen of this country and not just Labourites. Source: Newsbook