Malta News Evening Roundup

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These are the main stories as reported by the Maltese portals.

The teenage driver who mowed down traffic policeman Simon Schembri was denied bail on Tuesday, minutes after the court heard how his mother first gave him drugs when he was just nine years old, to keep him quiet. The detail was given during the compilation of evidence against Liam Debono, who stands accused of attempted murder. Schembri suffered critical injuries when he was mowed down by a Mercedes driven by Debono on May 15.  A member of the Drug Squad testified how Debono himself had told the police that he had been smoking some 3 to 4 grams of cannabis daily since the age of nine. – Times of Malta 

A lawyer for PN Opposition leader Adrian Delia has told a judge that Delia’s role was being suppressed by the Attorney General. Delia appeared in a court case he filed himself, in which he is demanding a copy of the Egrant inquiry report. The conclusions from Magistrate Aaron Bugeja’s inquiry were published in July. The Prime Minister has said that he wants the entire inquiry to be published despite the fact that the Attorney General was against such a move. – The Malta Independent , Net News

A number of witnesses testified today in the money-laundering case against George and Alfred Degiorgio and George Degiorgio’s partner Anca Adelina Pop.  The three are all being accused with a series of money laundering-related offences. The two brothers, Alfred Degiorgio, ‘il-Fulu’, and George Degiorgio, ‘ic-Ciniz’, are also being accused, in a separate case, of the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The court, presided by Magistrate Joe Mifsud, heard this morning how while it appears, from today’s testimony, that George Degiorgio and his partner Pop were not avid gamblers, Alfred Degiorgio had gambled €570,000 over the years, losing €71,000. MaltaToday 

Malta, together with Estonia, registered the greatest increase in employment between April and June when compared with the previous three months. Eurostat figures show that both Malta and Estonia had 1.3% increases in employment, followed by Poland with 1.2%, Cyprus with 1% and Luxembourg with 0.9%. Least increases in the Second Quarter of the year were registered by Latvia, Portugal and Romania with 0.3% and Bulgaria 0.2%. Throughout the Eurozone, in the same quarter, employment rose by 0.4%, while the increase in all EU Member Countries was that of 0.5%. TVM

The police has delivered a number of toys and clothes and gifts for the child who was abandoned earlier last week. One News 

The MV Lifeline case has been put back once again. The new appointment of 2nd October was announced in a Court decree as the court is still awaiting reply from the Dutch authorities. Magistrate Joe Mifsud explained that all parties had been informed. This delay is due to the Court still awaiting a reply to the query that had been sent to The Netherlands. Newsbook 


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