Moldova warns Europe’s entire future rests on Ukrainian victory

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Moldova’s foreign minister has told Sky News that the future of his country and Europe depends on how the war in Ukraine ends.

In a frank interview from his office in the capital Chisinau, Nicu Popescu revealed that:

  • Moldova is on a “heightened state of alert”
  • the future of Moldova and Europe rests on a Ukrainian victory
  • ‘”forces” in the breakaway region of Transnistria “staged a provocation”
  • Moldova is “not at the stage of talking about weapons supplies” but is cooperating closely with Western partners

On the importance of a Ukrainian victory over Russia, Mr Popescu said: “The future of the entire continent rests on the capacity of Ukraine to maintain its political system, its country, its resilience.

“And in this sense, the fate and the future of every country in this part of the world, of the entire Europe, depends on how this war ends; on where it ends and when it ends.”

Mr Popescu said that last week’s unexplained attacks in the breakaway region of Transnistria increased the risks to Moldova.

“Moldova has been in a very difficult region at a very difficult time. We are Ukraine’s most fragile neighbour, of course, we’ve been affected in multiple ways,” he said.

“And now, of course, we see that the situation is getting worse… in the last few days, with some explosions taking place in the Transnistrian region of Moldova, we are also increasingly affected by this regional destabilisation.”

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Photo: Moldova’s foreign minister Nicu Popescu. MFA of Moldova

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