Moldova’s would-be prime Minister wants EU to save democracy in her country

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Moldova’s would-be prime minister has told Euronews she wants the European Union to help save democracy in her country, in the grip of a constitutional crisis as two rival governments accuse each other of usurping power.

“It’s the future of the country that is at stake. It’s the democracy of our nation. It’s the European path of the country, if you want. Because if this regime stays in power, then Moldova will be lost,” Maia Sandu said Monday in an interview on Euronews Now.

Meanwhile Democratic Party government in Moldova “simply does not want to leave power,” Foreign Minister-designate Nicu Popescu told Euronews.

His comments came amid political chaos in the country which took hold after elections in February were inconclusive and the subsequent attempts to form and install a new government, culminated in the positions of Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament, as well as the powers and duties of the President, being claimed by competing individuals.

Via Euronews

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