Mystery over recovering Covid-19 patients who don’t seem to get fully well

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There’s a growing mystery over recovering Covid-19 patients who don’t seem to get fully well. Some experience a re-activation of symptoms or test positive again after earlier testing negative. Some are even potentially re-infected.

The issue is puzzling doctors and health experts, because it’s not clear why symptoms seem to be coming back in some patients. It’s also unknown if these patients continue to be infectious or if tests could be just picking up on dead virus particles.

These incidents are taking a major personal toll on patients who feel like they’re on a roller-coaster with no certainty as to when they will be truly fine.

This mystery will also impact major issues like the development of a vaccine and how quickly governments can lift their lockdowns. If not all survivors develop real immunity to the virus, everything is thrown into uncertainty. In the long run, health-care systems, social safety nets and insurers could come under added strain.

The official statistics show that just over 1 million people and growing have officially recovered from the coronavirus.

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