Online Conference On Future of Art Conservation

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HoASA, the History of Art and Fine Arts Students’ Association is hosting an online conference to discuss the theme The Art Historian and Conservation: A future for a Prospective Generation of Conservators.

The conference, organised in collaboration with the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Malta is aimed at those who are interested in pursuing a career in the conservation of Fine Arts and will be held this coming Thursday 1st April between 17:00 to 18:30.

Art History graduates Andrei Azzopardi, Andrea Depasquale and Rachel Vella, will be presenting their papers during this conference, chaired by Dr. Charlene Vella.

A Q&A will follow their presentations, providing an introspective glimpse at their personal experiences pursuing their studies abroad, as well as tips for prospective students.

HoASA, the History of Art and Fine Arts Students’ Association, is a University of Malta-based organisation whose aim is to increase awareness of artistic heritage, with special emphasis on the context of the Maltese Islands.

This conference will be held online via Zoom. Those wishing to participate, should send an email on or a private message on Facebook or Instagram to book a place.

Further information about the conference can be found on HoASA’s event page on Facebook: