Photo Story – 78th Anniversary of Lebanon’s Independence Day

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A Lebanese woman holds up a placard showing the national flag with the words ‘IRAN OUT 1559’, in reference to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution 1559 adopted in 2004 and supporting free and fair presidential elections in Lebanon and calling upon foreign forces to withdraw and cease intervening in its internal affairs, as they take part in a civilian parade on the 78th anniversary of Lebanon’s Independence Day under the slogan ‘People, Army and Justice’ in Beirut, Lebanon, 22 November 2021. Lebanon celebrates the 78th anniversary of its independence with protesters marking the day by holding various events, such as marching groups of doctors, lawyers, engineers, industrialists, women’s associations, retired soldiers and army officers. Independence Day commemorates Lebanon’s liberation from the French Mandate on 22 November 1943.


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