Photo Story – Israel Antiquities Authority Excavations in Lachish Forest Area

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Israeli employees and volunteers of the Israel Antiquities Authority dig at Hellenistic fortified structure destroyed and burned by Hasmoneans uncovered during Israel Antiquities Authority excavations in Lachish Forest, in the Judean Shephelah, 16 November 2021. The building’s devastation is probably related to the region’s conquest by the Hasmonean leader John Hyrcanus in around 112 BCE, according to Israeli Antiquities Authority archaeologists directing the excavation. The external walls, no less than three meters wide, were built of large stones and had a sloping outer glacis to prevent the wall from being scaled. The inside of the structure was divided into seven rooms, preserved to an exceptional height of roughly two meters. The excavation uncovered a stairwell leading to a second floor, which was not preserved. The building is estimated to have been about five-meter high.


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