Photo Story – South Africa Saving the Survivors of Rhino Poaching

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White Rhino bull ‘Seha’ is pushed by conservation experts into a waiting truck in Bela Bela, South Africa, 24 January 2022, during a relocation to another nearby game reserve after recovering from serious facial wounds sustained when his horn was hacked off by poachers. Seha is the only survivor from a group of five rhinos that were poached on a game farm six years ago and has had 30 operations to the deep wounds on his face since then. South Africa has the world’s largest population of rhinos in the world. However over the past years hundreds of the animals have been killed by poachers seeking their horns for sale to the lucrative traditional healing market in the Far East.

In a ground-breaking and world-leading initiative, Dr. Johan Marias from ‘Saving the Survivors’ races to injured and poached rhinos once they have been called by conservation groups or private rhino owners in an attempt to save the animals and heal their often horrifying open wounds. Seha will be released onto a new game ranch with two female rhinos in hope for them to breed and help maintain the rhino populations.


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