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Professional advice needs to be heeded – Malta Federation of Professional Associations

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The Malta Federation of Professional Associations (MFPA) representing 17 professional associations, has on several occasions reiterated that professionals are bound by values of integrity and ethical behaviour. These values are enshrined in the individual profession’s code of ethics and form an integral part of the warrant commitment intended to safeguard society at large. 

For this reason, MFPA condemns the arbitrary decision to redeploy a professional who was carrying out his duty by providing his professional advice in accordance with his ethical obligations. It is even more concerning that this redeployment was to carry out other duties that may be of a lesser importance to Maltese society at this time of the pandemic. MFPA expresses its solidarity with Consultant Dr Kenneth Grech.

MFPA has consistently called on to the authorities to listen to the expert advice of professionals within their respective field. We have all witnessed a sad outcome when professional advice was put aside. MFPA constantly strives to educate the general public on their rights and responsibilities, and encourages professionals to upkeep their professional standards and obligations for the benefit of society in general.  It is therefore unthinkable that a professional is sidelined for abiding by the code of ethics by the authorities, who should primarily be setting an example themselves. 

MFPA reiterates that Public Health is given the importance it deserves on the government’s agenda and that professionals who are of utmost importance for the country’s management of the Covid-19 pandemic, are allowed to carry out their duties as recommended by their specialisation.

This statement was endorsed by the following MFPA organisations: Association of Podiatrists of Malta, Association of Speech-Language Pathologists, Chamber of Engineers, Dental Association of Malta,  Malta Association for the Counselling Profession, Medical Association of Malta, Malta Association of Occupational Therapists, Malta Association of Professional Conservators and Restorers, Maltese Association of Social Workers, Maltese Association of Youth Workers, Malta Chamber of Pharmacists, Malta Chamber of Psychologists, Malta Veterinary Association and Society of Medical Radiographers.

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