Putin makes case for closer ties between former Soviet republics

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday called for closer ties between the countries that once made up the Soviet Union, 30 years after its collapse.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that it is necessary to protect the rights of compatriots living abroad, further uniting the Russian community and supporting the national language and culture.

Lavrov was speaking at the United Russia General Council commission on international cooperation and support of compatriots abroad, which he chairs.

“We need to further unite the Russian community, which is multinational and multi-confessional, ensure the development of ties between historical, indigenous Russia and our diasporas,” the top diplomat noted. “These efforts should have a distinct significance in our commission.” In this regard, Lavrov focused on the need to “ensure the rights of compatriots living overseas, provide the protection of their interests and preserve the national cultural identity, as is envisaged by the adopted amendments to Russian law.”

The foreign minister mentioned that currently, work to improve the organizational structure of the movement of compatriots, including the activities of the World Congress and the World Coordinating Council (WCC) of Russian Compatriots Living Abroad, is being carried out jointly with activists of overseas Russian societies.

“This is an extensive network that helps to effectively support our compatriots abroad,” Lavrov mentioned. “It is essential to engage in setting up measures to support the Russian language, culture, to preserve historical truth, in particular, relating to World War II, as well as to counter Russophobia. All these problems are very acute on the global stage,” the top diplomat said.

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