Russian momentum in Ukraine could slow for lack of resources – British PM

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Britain’s defence intelligence service believes that Russia’s momentum in the war in Ukraine will slow in the next few months as its army exhausts its resources, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a group of European newspapers.

In comments released on Wednesday by Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Johnson said President Vladimir Putin’s forces were pushing forward in the eastern Donbas region, wreaking destruction but at a heavy cost in soldiers and weapons.

“Our defence intelligence service believes, however, that in the next few months, Russia could come to a point at which there is no longer any forward momentum because it has exhausted its resources,” Johnson was quoted as saying in the interview.

“Then we must help the Ukrainians to reverse the dynamic. I will argue for this at the Group of Seven summit (in Germany at the weekend),” he said.

“In as much as the Ukrainians are in a position to start a counter-offensive, it should be supported. With equipment that they demand from us,” he said.

Asked what a victory for Ukraine, or failure for Putin, would look like, Johnson said “That we at least regain the status quo that was there before February 24 and that its (Russia’s) troops are repulsed from the areas they invaded.”

As Ukrinform reported earlier, as of June 22, Russian military death toll in Ukraine stood at 34,230.

via Reuters

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