Russian warship spotted off Italian coast

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Russian’s most powerful warship recently sailed 150 nautical miles off the shore of Italy’s southern Puglia region.

The Varyag, also known as the twin of “Moscow”, the Russian self-propelled missile cruiser that sank in the Black Sea a few weeks ago by the Ukrainians, was accompanied by the Admiral Tributs, an Anti-Submarine Ship of the Russian Navy.

Russia’s Varyag missile cruiser was spotted in the vicinity of the Italian coast by specialist websites. It then sailed in the direction of the Greek island of Crete.

The  Italian navy said the Varyag’s appearance off the Italian coast was “a reflection of the aggressive stance of Moscow, which is sending an increasing number of military vessels to the Mediterranean Sea”.  

The chief of staff of the Italian navy, Admiral Enrico Credendino, revealed that 18 Russian warships and two submarines were currently operating in the Mediterranean, ANSA reported.  

“Never before has there been so many Russian military vessels in the Mediterranean Sea,” he said. 

The Russian Navy’s missile cruiser Varyag. EPA-EFE/JEON HEON-KYUN


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