Russia’s new COVID-19 cases rise to highest since February

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Russia on Sunday reported 14,723 new COVID-19 cases, including 7,704 in Moscow, the largest one-day national caseload since Feb. 13.

The number of new infections in Moscow was the most reported in one day since Dec. 24. The city’s mayor told residents on Saturday to stay off work this coming week to curb the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus task force said on Sunday that 357 people had died of coronavirus-related causes nationwide, taking the death toll to 126,430.

The federal statistics agency has kept a separate toll and has said that Russia recorded about 270,000 deaths related to COVID-19 between April 2020 and April 2021.

Photo: A commuter wearing a face mask and gloves walks in front of a famous mosaic depicting the portrait of Soviet Union founder Vladimir Ilyich Lenin created in 1965 by artist Grigory Opryshko at the Biblioteka Imeni Lenina metro station in Moscow, Russia. EPA-EFE/SERGEI ILNITSKY