Science and medicine UK’s biggest contributions to the world, says survey

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Science and medicine are the UK’s most valuable contributions to the world – above art, culture and sport, according to a survey.

The country’s most high-profile contribution in recent years – the University of Oxford’s work on a coronavirus vaccine with AstraZeneca – was a huge success and developed at unprecedented pace.

Then there is a famous roll call of names such as Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Rosalind Franklin, Stephen Hawking and Alexander Fleming.

A YouGov poll of 1,635 people found 54% believed science and medicine were the country’s most valuable exports, ahead of manufacturing and engineering (11%), art and culture (6%) and sport and leisure (5%).

The survey was done by campaign group Malaria No More UK, whose new report shows how British science and research is helping fight the disease.

It said it includes vaccine development, genetically modified mosquitoes, next-generation insecticide nets, and modelling climate change’s impact on populations at risk of malaria.

The group is calling for a renewed financial commitment to eradicating malaria through science and innovation.

Photo – A man wears a Union Flag face mask in London, Britain. EPA-EFE/ANDY RAIN

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