Seehofer: Migration is EU’s mother of all problems – Verhofstadt replies ‘Europe’s inability to act together is the real problem’

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German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer believes that migration is the “mother of all problems.”

In an interview with Die Welt he said that he understood the anger that fueled far-right demonstrations in Chemnitz.

Seehofer, who has waged public battles with Angela Merkel on the hot-button issue and called for Germany’s to tighten control of its borders, claimed those who took to the streets in Chemnitz last week were not necessarily Nazis.

In a Facebook post, Guy Verhofstadt replied that migration is not “the mother of all problems”. The real problem is Europe’s inability to act together on this challenge. We need a Europe big on the big things and small on the small things otherwise we’ll pave the way for divisive populist rhetoric like this.

Die Welt.

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