Thieves stealing UPS, FedEx and Amazon packages from trains in LA

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Thieves are jumping on slow moving trains and prising open shipping containers to plunder Amazon packages in a spate of modern day train robberies that underscore a crime wave in Los Angeles.

Cargo trains carrying packages from Amazon and other deliveries have been repeatedly raided on a large scale near the city’s downtown.

Remains of thousands of boxes and packages have been left strewn alongside the tracks after criminals jumped on to trains and forced open containers.

The sea of debris left behind included items they apparently did not think were valuable enough to take, including coronavirus home testing kits.

Much of the crime has taken place along sections of the railroad which have growing homeless encampments next to the track.

In November there were raids on trains that were stationary due to a backlog moving cargo from the Port of Los Angeles, which is America’s busiest port.

Thieves have recently been targeting trains as they move slowly approaching downtown, jumping on and breaking in.

Photo – Thousands of opened packages litter the train tracks after being looted from a Union Pacific line hauling Fed Ex, UPS and other box cars through the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles, California, USA. EPA-EFE/DAVID SWANSON

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