Trump may run for House in 2022 to become Speaker

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Former President Donald Trump suggested he would consider running for a House seat in 2022 in a bid to become Speaker of the House and launch an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden.

Trump commented on the idea during an interview broadcast by far-right radio host Wayne Allyn Root on Friday afternoon. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon first touted the idea of Trump running for Congress to take over as Speaker of the House back in February. Root raised the idea with Trump directly during his interview.

Even if Trump chose to run for a House seat in 2022, he would have to win that race and Republicans would have to take control of the House of Representatives for him to have a shot at becoming speaker of the legislative chamber. Currently, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, is seen as the frontrunner to become speaker if GOP candidates successfully flip the House in the midterm elections.

Notably, Trump also suggested in a Friday statement he does plan to run for the presidency again in the future.

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