UK calls on EU to show pragmatism over N.Ireland trade

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Britain called on Tuesday for the European Union to show pragmatism over the issue of Northern Irish trade, which has been disrupted by rules imposed since a Brexit deal agreed between London and Brussels at the end of last year.

“We’re committed to working through the issues with the EU urgently and in good faith,” British negotiator and junior minister David Frost said in a statement.

“I hope they will take a common sense, risk-based approach that enables us to agree a pragmatic way forward that substantially eases the burdens on Northern Ireland.”

Angry young pro-British loyalists rioted last month over the perceived growing power of Irish nationalists and post-Brexit trade barriers with the rest of the United Kingdom.

Instability has been added to by an announcement that the province’s First Minister Arlene Foster is to step down.

“Solutions must be found rapidly in order to protect the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement in all its dimensions and to minimise disruption to the everyday lives of people in Northern Ireland,” said Frost.

“We will continue to consider all our options in meeting our overriding responsibility for sustaining the peace and prosperity of everyone in Northern Ireland.” (Reporting by Costas Pitas; editing by Michael Holden)