Under 30s more likely to disobey Covid rules – UK study

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People under 30 were more likely to take risks and fail to comply with Covid rules, according to a survey carried out in the UK.

The study showed that most people followed lockdown and social distancing rules, but one in seven said that they have failed to follow the regulations at one point or another. These tended to be those under 30, in relatively good physical shape, who rated themselves as not particularly empathetic or conscientious but described themselves as risk-takers.

The report’s lead author, Liam Wright, a research fellow in epidemiology and statistics at University College London said that the vast majority of people had high, almost complete compliance throughout the pandemic. Many people said they had high compliance initially, which dipped over summer but increased again as the second lockdown was imposed, said the author.

This seemed to indicate concerns of “behavioural fatigue”, in which people simply got fed up of frequently changing their behaviour and stopped complying with rules.

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