Updated- Polish 29 year killed in Sliema – Maltese 20 year old questioned by police / Malta News Briefing – Sunday 2 January 2022

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Updated – Developing Story The police have launched a murder investigation after a Polish woman, 29, was found dead in Ġnien Indipendenza in Sliema on Sunday morning. Net News reported that the victim was Paulina Dembska.

Police investigations by the Homicide Squad and district officers led to the identification and arrest of a 20-year old Maltese man from Żejtun, who is suspected with committing the alleged murder. He was arrested shortly after the murder in the area of Balluta.

The man stormed in the Balluta Church in the middle of Sunday mass early this morning and threatened to kill churchgoers who tried to calm him down.

In comments to Newsbook.com.mt Prior Charles Mallia said that at around 6am on Sunday morning, a man entered the Our lady of Mount Carmel Church in St Julian’s and made his way to the altar where he started shouting into the microphone on the pulpit.

The man proceeded to topple over a chair and stand, before being approached by some men who tried to calm him down, creating commotion during the ongoing Mass.

Fr Mallia said that the man then started yelling “get away from me, or I’ll kill you.”

Investigators, a forensics team and officers of the Major Crimes Unit were deployed to the area as soon as the body was noticed by a passerby at about 6.30am.

Sources close to the investigators told the TVM News Centre that the girl had several signs of violence including marks compatible with attempts at strangulation and signs of sexual abuse.

A magistrate is holding an inquiry.

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80-year-old woman dies after being hit by car in Ħamrun

An 80-year-old woman, a resident of Ħamrun, has died after being hit by a car in Ħamrun. The accident occurred yesterday at about 5.30 p.m. in Triq Giovanni Barbara. It resulted from preliminary investigations that the woman was knocked down by a car driven by a 46-year-old man from St Venera. The woman was given assistance by a medical team and was transferred by ambulance to Mater Dei Hospital, where she was certified as being in a serious condition. The woman passed away during the night hours. TVM

Covid-19 Update

Two men, aged 52 and 78, have died while Covid positive, the health authorities said on Sunday. The number of new case dropped to 747 while 279 people made a recovery. The total number of known active cases stands at 12,688. However, the number of patients are being treated at Mater Dei Hospital increased by 11 over the previous day to 110, of which seven remain in intensive care. – Newsbook

Morning Briefing

“Something that destroys me cannot be recreational” – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna made a number of indirect references to the newly-introduced cannabis legislation arguing that anything that causes damage “cannot be called recreational.” In his homily during the traditional New Year’s Day mass held at Id-Dar tal-Providenza, the archbishop urged Catholics to teach themselves “that what is truly recreational is constructive and gives us a new start.” Scicluna pushed further with his reference: “Can something that destroys me or drives me mad be recreational? Or something that empties my pockets and brings my parents a truckload of worry – can that be recreational?”
The Church has strongly advocated against the introduction of the new legislation late in 2021. (Times of Malta)

Dar tal-Providenza raises € 1.4m

The sum of over € 1.4 million was raised in favor of the Dar tal-Providenza during the traditional New Years Day Fundraiser known as Il-Festa tal-Ġenerożita. Fr Martin Micallef, director of Dar tal-Providenza thanked all the Maltese people who once again have shown the values of generosity, solidarity and equality. (Newsbook)

New banking regulations come into force

The New Year brought into force new requirements relating to cheque usage, affecting a significant chunk of the population with the Maltese being considered one of the most fervent users of cheques in the EU. The new directives stipulate that cheques amounting up to €20 and those over €5,000 cannot be exchanged for cash, however they have to be deposited in a banking account. All cheques have to be issued as cheques ‘only’, that is cheques are not transferable to other persons and are paid only to the person whose name is on the cheque. “The directive issued during the pandemic was repealed, it stopped. Obviously if a person needs to be a procurator of someone, with the necessary documents he can resume with this role as before”. (TVM)

Covid-19 Update:
Malta kicked off 2022 with its lowest number of new COVID-19 infections in five days, with health authorities reporting 1,030 new cases on Saturday, Times of Malta reports. 249 patients recovered bringing the number of active virus cases in the country currently stands at 12,222.

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