Police Union wants full investigation in Iosif Galea saga / Malta News Briefing – Friday 3 June 2022

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Police Union wants full investigation in Iosif Galea saga: A police union in Malta has asked for a complete investigation into the Iosif Galea controversy, calling the decision to refer the case to the Independent Police Complaint Board “not proper” and warning against a “frame up” of lower-ranking officers. Earlier, the rule of law NGO Repubblika warned that two high-ranking police officials and two police inspectors were being forced to bear the consequences of a bungled arrest order that failed to prevent Iosif Galea, a money laundering suspect, from fleeing Malta.

Court says man accused of Dembska murder unfit for trail: A court has determined that the man accused of raping and killing Polish student Paulina Dembska was insane at the time of the murder and consequently unfit to face a trial. The magistrate issued the finding at a brief hearing on Friday, based on a report by three doctors who concluded that Abner Aquilina was mentally unable to stand trial at this time. It implies that the Attorney General must determine whether to proceed with an insanity trial or to continue the case, in which the question of insanity will be decided alongside the rest of the case.

Covid-19 Update: 118 new cases of Covid-19 were reported by health authorities on Friday while 104 recovered. Active cases remain stable at 1,438.

Morning Briefing

21-day quarantine for monkeypox infections

Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci said that people with monkeypox are being ordered to isolate at home for 21 days and those with symptoms must also quarantine and seek medical advice. Authorities have so far confirmed only one case in Malta, concerning a 38-year-old man. “Close contacts are not required to isolate as long as they do not have any symptoms,” she said. Meanwhile, the EU health regulator said that it was in talks with the maker of a vaccine against deadly smallpox to extend its use to monkeypox. (Times of Malta)

BOV decides against final dividend for 2021

Bank of Valletta said that given the uncertainties of the last few months the Board decided to adopt a cautious approach and hence did not feel it had to recommend the distribution of a final dividend for financial year 2021. During his address, Bank of Valletta CEO Mr Rick Hunkin said that despite the challenges of 2021, the Bank registered a strong financial performance, as profits before tax exceeded the €80 million mark. He recalled that last year the Bank operated in a persistent pandemic environment, with sectors of the economy that were affected by market nervousness due to Malta’s grey-listing, and more recently in uncertainties brought about by geo-political instability derived from the war in Ukraine. (The Malta Independent)

Woman denied bail on human trafficking

A woman was denied bail on human trafficking charges on Thursday afternoon and then physically resisted being taken back to prison and ended up in altercation with police officers outside a courtroom. Amira Khadraoui, 27, from Gozo, was the fourth person to be charged in connection with a police investigation into a criminal group who trafficked South American women for sex work. She was arrested after police tracked her down to her hiding place, the court was told. (Maltatoday)

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