35% of Maltese never exercise or play sport – EU survey

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More than one-third of respondents from Malta told a Eurobarometer survey that they never practice any sport or undertake any physical exercise at all. Malta is also the only country where a majority of respondents say they seldom engage in other physical activity (39%)

38% of Europeans play sport or exercise at least once a week, the survey found.

Respondents in Finland (71%), Luxembourg (63%), the Netherlands (60%), and Denmark and Sweden (59% in both countries) are the most likely to exercise or play sport at least once a week. Conversely, over half of respondents in eight countries say they never exercise or play sport, with the highest levels in Portugal (73%), Greece (68%) and Poland (65%).

Vice-President for Promoting the European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas, said: “Sport alone will not solve all of our problems, but besides the very obvious benefits for our health, it also has a unique potential to connect us with each other, and to give us the feeling that we belong to a community. Sport has an important role to play in building cohesive societies, one of the biggest challenges Europe is facing today. We have already reached out to millions through our initiatives, but today’s Eurobarometer shows us that we must continue to find new ways to motivate Europeans to get active.”

In terms of evolutions since 2017, the share of respondents who say that they never exercise or play sport has fallen in 17 EU
Member States, and by two digits in five countries: Malta (31%, -25 percentage points), Latvia (33%, -23), Estonia (30%, -18), Croatia (40%, -16) and Czechia (26%, -15).

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