Europe Votes: Poland, ExitPolls, the projections

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Exit Polls indicate that Law and Justice are set to win 42.4% of the vote in Poland.

This is a summary of Politico’s projections for the voting today in Poland:


Poland – The Projections

If turnout of 23.83% is maintained in this vote, Politico predicts PiS will beat second-placed KE by 150,260 votes. That is just 0.64% of the 23,567,052 expected non-voters.

Poland – The Issues

With national parliamentary elections due in the autumn and presidential elections next year, Poland’s parties are trying to use the European elections as a way to gain momentum for the next elections.

Law and Justice has run an uncharacteristically pro-EU campaign, with party founder Jaroslaw Kaczynski recently saying that support for EU membership was a “requirement of Polish patriotism”. Law and Justice has also launched a huge social spending programme, prompting a scramble to find ways of funding it without breaching the EU’s deficit limits. (FT)

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