4.2 magnitude tremor shakes the Campi Flegrei in Naples

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An earthquake swarm on Wednesday morning shook  the Campi Flegrei area, near Naples.

The strongest tremor was of magnitude 4.2, occurred at 3.35 am and was clearly felt in some neighbourhoods of the Neapolitan capital.

The epicentre was located at approximately 3 km depth. 

So far there no news of damage or victims. 

The Campi Flegrei area has been at the centre of an earthquake swarm for some time. The tremor recorded at 3.35 am is among the highest recorded in recent weeks. 

In Naples – from Fuorigrotta to Vomero, from the Riviera di Chiaia to Capodimonte – many were woken up by the telluric movement that lasted several seconds as well as by the alarm sirens that went into action. 

Less intense tremors, magnitude 2 and 2.2, were also recorded late Tuesday evening, again with the epicentre in the Campi Flegrei.

The Campi Flegrei or Phlegraean Fields is an area of volcanic craters on the western outskirts of Naples that is under constant monitoring for the risk of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

The area is prone to bradyseism, the slow lifting or lowering of the ground. Lifting phases “are accompanied by intense local seismic activity”, the civil protection said on its website.


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