4.3 earthquake in Calabria, Italy

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An earthquake of magnitude 4.3 was recorded in Calabria, Italy on Thursday.

The earthquake was felt, in particular, in the Vibonese area but affected a large area of ​​Calabria. It was also distinctly felt in Lamezia Terme and Catanzaro and along the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza. 

 So far there have not been reports of victims but many schools and offices were evacuated . In most of the municipalities where the earthquake was felt, the pupils of elementary schools were gathered in open places adjacent to the schools. The evacuation operations were carried out, however, in an orderly fashion and no injuries were recorded. Many people who were in the house went out in high alarm. The police have initiated investigations to detect any damage, which at the moment, however, is not reported.

Rail traffic along the Tyrrhenian belt of Calabria has been suspended. The suspension concerns trains operating along the Paola-Rosarno line, in Tropea and between Lamezia Terme and Catanzaro Lido. The technicians of the Italian railway network (Italian FS Group) are carrying out the reconnaissance on board railway trolleys along the lines concerned to check the conditions of the tracks. Replacement buses have been set up for passengers on the lines affected by the suspension.

Even the bunker room in Lamezia Terme where the “Scott Rebirth” trial is being held against the ‘Ndrangheta clans of the Vibonese area was cleared due to the earthquake recorded this morning in a large area of ​​Calabria. Magistrates, lawyers and technical staff left the courtroom in an orderly fashion and the hearing was suspended. After the absence of damages was verified, the hearing resumed.


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