A collective individual effort as a tribute to Malta’s heroes

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Members of St Paul Metropolitan Orchestra and choir ‘came together’ during a stay at home period to play the National Anthem in tribute to healthcare workers on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.

The Times reports that musicians – almost 50 – used their smartphones to record themselves playing the anthem as a prayer for Malta and a tribute to the workers.

“The tribute was directed to healthcare administrators, uniformed personnel, parish priests and clergy, the Public Cleansing Department, and various other entities and NGOs. Each musician and singer played his or her part at home and then the footage was painstakingly joined. No professional equipment was used and the large number of volunteers made the syncing process a very lengthy one”, the report says.

“It took several days to create but it was a little effort compared to what our heroes are doing for the nation,” the orchestra and the Medina Foundation for Music said in a statement releasing the video.

Times / Medina Music Foundation 


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