A technology-driven mobility culture

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A data-driven mobility-tech platform developed in Malta and set to go global, is expected to become a brand that will make us proud all along according to PATRICK BEZZINA, eCabs’ recently-appointed Chief Technology Officer.

Despite our spatial size, we do punch above our weight. Numerous Maltese nationals have made it to the top echelons of many global players, the world over. Over the last years, this success has also started being felt in the Maltese economic diaspora, with several home-grown concepts evolving into legacy brands. Brands that have deservedly taken their rightful place in the Maltese economic narrative and whose legacy is strong enough to define what being Maltese stands for, in business.

In a world driven by data, companies in every industry seek to responsibly collect, aggregate and process the data they can use. Organisations globally race to collect, process and extract insight from every piece of data they can lay their hands on. Big data means big business.

The British mathematician and entrepreneur in the field of data science Clive Humby claims that “data is the new oil: it’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.” The key challenges rest on how business can extract value from that data in a legal and ethical manner.

What started as a niche field of computer science, for highly skilled technical specialists, big data analysis has been transformed into a ubiquitous business decision tool made easy by a multitude of software platforms available on the market today. The ability to take the correct business decisions at the right time lie squarely on having absolute clarity at all times.

A recent study revealed that 75 percent of companies in the USA and the UK are working to increase their use of analytics for more predictive business models. This figure is likely to increase as more applications are developed to assist business to collect, aggregate, synthesise and visualise data to drive efficiency, innovation and optimal business outcomes.

Using advanced analytics techniques such as text recognition, machine learning, predictive analytics, statistics and natural language processing, businesses can analyse previously untapped information sources independent of, or in conjunction with, their existing enterprise data, thus gaining new insights resulting in better and faster decisions. Thus a strategic approach to analytics will provide the key to unlocking knowledge value and gaining unprecedented insights to drive business success.

At eCabs we are closely following the emergence of Big Data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and studying ways how these can elevate mobility services to better levels, offering optimised service levels accessible to all. It can be safely said that harnessing the right information is becoming increasingly crucial in enabling a company to make the right economic decisions hence creating value and maximizing return on investment.

At eCabs we are continuously innovating, whilst embracing the reality of changing mobility patterns and increasingly demanding market driven by the ubiquity of technology. Driven by a passion for data-driven decision making, eCabs has embarked on an ambitious quest to drive operational efficiency through the processing of geospatial data it collects from different internal and external sources.

Using the information accumulated during our 10 years of operation, augmented by numerous datasets, we are building a world-class mobility platform eager to take on international players in different markets. An unparalleled customer experience, intelligent dispatch management and optimised utilisation of vehicles are some of the business objectives that a data management platform is being designed to achieve.

In 2018 eCabs kick started its technology transformation to harness the increasingly available technology assets to drive innovation and enhanced levels of service.

Developed completely in-house by a team of exceptional specialist technologists, the eCabs’ mobility eco-system is a leading comprehensive multi-channel booking engine that caters for both instant and scheduled pre-bookings through six different channels, namely, email, phone, website, mobile app, over-the-counter and soon via social platforms.

The second-generation of the eCabs booking platform will make significant use of artificial intelligence to improve various aspects of the system, including the adoption of natural language processing to book rides through social media, optimising vehicle utilisation and operational automation.

At eCabs, mobility is a culture and we are driving it through a tech product that is home-grown, future-ready and positioned for global deployment. In doing so we are building a team of successful professionals that can primarily dream big, are not afraid to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries, sharing the vision of the founders to continually shake up the mobility industry and align their personal aspirations with ours. eCabs will grow into an exportable Maltese brand which will fly the Maltese business flag internationally. For us all between these walls, the future is exciting and the journey will take us very far.


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