Albanian Army prepared to use force to enforce curfew

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Albania’s Government has deployed its Army to enforce a strict 40-hour curfew.

The curfew is hoped to slow the spread of coronavirus and follows people flouting previous measures.

go out jogging in groups, play dominos in the street and ignore recommendations to keep their distance in queues.

So far, 76 people in the country have been infected and two have died.

Officials are keen to avert a sudden spike in cases that would strain limited public health services.

Prime Minister Edi Rama and Opposition Leader Lulzim Basha, in a rare show of unity, appealed to people to respect the 40-hour lockdown, which started at 1pm local time on Saturday.

“Everyone will stay inside after 1pm, police and the armed forces will use force against whoever breaks the law, including pensioners, and will use water cannons and tear gas if need be,” Mr Rama said.

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