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Alex Zanardi speaks to family

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AutoSprint – Two-time CART champion, Paralympic gold medalist, and former F1 driver Alex Zanardi has reportedly spoken to his family following a successful, “awake” surgery, reports the Italian news outlet Autosprint.

Zanardi suffered a serious hand-cycling crash during a race in the Italian town of Pienza in Tuscany last summer, which left him in a medically induced coma.

Multiple brain surgeries over the course of the latter half of 2020 culminated in Zanardi being able to respond to doctors late in December.

Alex Zanardi’s handbike pictured after the road accident during one of the stages of the relay of Obiettivo tricolore, near Siena, Italy, 19 June 2020. Four-time paralympic champion and former Formula One driver Alex Zanardi was involved in a serious road accident in the province of Siena while taking part in a race on his handbike. EPA-EFE/ANSA


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