Almost half of British voters prefer country to leave EU without deal than have Corbyn PM – YouGov Poll

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Almost half of British voters would prefer the country to leave the European Union without a Brexit deal and Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn not to become prime minister, according to a YouGov poll.

When asked to choose between that scenario and one in which Corbyn becomes the country’s next leader and holds a second referendum on Brexit, just over a third backed the option that could see Britain remain in the EU.

Crucially, Leave voters are more united behind the No Deal but no Corbyn option (80%) than Remainers are behind the Corbyn second referendum choice (64%). Almost a quarter (23%) of those who backed the status quo at the 2016 referendum would rather see Britain leave the EU with no Brexit deal and Corbyn kept out of Number 10.

With the Lib Dems set to play a key role in what happens next, the results show that 69% of those who currently would vote Lib Dem support installing Corbyn in order to get the second referendum, with 18% opposed.

Via YouGov

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