Amanda Knox recalls the horror of being accused with a murder she did not commit

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Amanda Knox, a former American exchange student in Italy at the centre of a sensational murder case, teared up at the Italian Criminal Justice Festival on Friday.

She was moved to tears while listening to speeches by Peter Pringle, an Irish national who spent 14 years in jail on death row after being accused of a murder for which he was later exculpated, and Taranto native Angelo Massaro, who was acquitted and released after initially being found guilty of murder. Knox had arrived Thursday in Italy for the first time since an appeals court acquitted her in 2011 for the 2007 murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher, her roommate in Perugia.

She had previously been found guilty and imprisoned for the young woman’s death.

The conference in Modena was organized by the Italy Innocence Project, which seeks to help people convicted of crimes they did not commit.

Knox was seated in the audience alongside her fiancee Christopher Robinson and hugged Pringle after his speech, exchanging a few words with Massaro as well. Earlier in the day she had left the forum due to too many photographers. On Saturday, the 31-year-old from Seattle will be speaking publicly for the first time since she returned to Italy.

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