Anti-migration Salvini and Orban meet in Milan (Updated)

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“Migration can be stopped and Salvini has shown it”. This was stated by the Hungarian premier Viktor Orban after the meeting with Matteo Salvini in Milan. “With the minister – added Orban – we talked about the future of Europe , where today the most serious problem is precisely that of migrants.Our policy is to bring help where there are troubles and not to bring trouble from us. And with Salvini we have found a meeting point in this regard. 



The Guardian reports how two of Europe’s most vocal anti-migration leaders, the Italian interior minister, Matteo Salvini, and Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, were expected to meet to discuss a plan to present to Brussels after the standoff over the refusal to allow people off a boat docked in Sicily.

Salvini, also the leader of the far-right League, prevented 177 asylum seekers from disembarking from the coastguard ship the Ubaldo Diciotti for almost a week as he called for guarantees that other EU member states would take most of them.

The standoff has exposed tensions between Brussels and Rome with the Italian government threatening to suspend its EU budget contributions. Salvini announced his meeting with Orbán after the EU said it would not take those onboard, saying he would discuss “alternative strategies”.

The hardline Hungarian prime minister, whom Salvini has described as a political role model, has always pushed back against the EU’s request to relocate refugees and migrants to central and eastern Europe. “He is fighting to protect the EU’s borders,” Salvini said, “and this is our goal too.’’

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The meeting was greeted by protests against the stance taken by Orban and Salvini.

More details will follow later.


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