Audio interview with mysterious Maltese professor related to the Trump-Russia scandal

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Professor Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious professor at the heart of the Trump-Russia scandal, can be heard talking about his involvement for the first time in a new podcast from The Telegraph.

Mifsud, whose alleged remark triggered the investigation into ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin before the 2016 election, disputes the central claim and denies links to the Russia government.

Asked whether he told a Trump campaign adviser that the Russians had “dirt” on Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, as US officials have claimed, Mr Mifsud is heard saying “absolutely this is not true”.

The professor, believed to be aged around 60, also pushes back on the suggestion he has Russian connections, noting he does not own a visa that would allow him to travel freely across the border.

The remarks were made in Oct 2017 to a Telegraph reporter and are being released today as part of a new six-part podcast series from this newspaper called Crossfire, which investigates the UK angles to the scandal.

Mifsud, whose actions and motives have been of intense interest to US investigators, has gone to ground and has never been heard before talking about the meetings in London that kick-started the probe.

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